The Silver Moon Race at Cass Winery has a few options for setting up a home base during the race. Those looking for more luxury lodging will want to reserve one of the 8-rooms at the GENESEO INN located within the vineyards (book early, they sell out), the other and more popular option is camping right on the course.

Camping at the race adds to the overall race experience. Giving you a home base before, during, and after the race where you can rest, access your stuff, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you are running 12-hours or longer we highly recommend setting up camp for the best experience. You can reserve a camp space when registering for the race.

There are several designated camping zones right off the course and at the race festival area for easy access throughout the race. These are not traditional campground spaces, plan to be fully self-sufficient with your camping. Portable toilets and a trash dumpster will be available near the festival area, please dispose of all trash before leaving.


As the race starts at 6:00 PM, it is highly recommended to come set up camp on Saturday morning, set up camp, check-in, enjoy winery lunch, and then take a nice long nap in the afternoon so you can be well-rested before starting your 6, 12, 24-hour or 100-mile journey.





The information about zone numbers below correlates to the zone numbers in the map above.


TYPES OF CAMPING: Tents, canopies • Tent w/car • Van • RVs • Trailers.


Right in the heart of the race festival by the vineyards and under the large oak tree. This zone provides quick and easy access for each lap checkpoint while being close to all the festivities.

Cars that arrive early can drive close by the start to unload. No cars allowed during the race. If leaving early you will need to carry camping gear (or use a wagon) out to the car at the parking zone.

Recommended: Tents or canopies only, 6, 12, 24-hour and 100-mile runners

Zone 1


Near the vineyard entrance and parking, zones are a few zones with room for several tents to be set up right along the course. Parallels to Linne Road. If leaving early you will need to carry camping gear to car in parking zone.

Recommended: Tents or canopies only, 6 and 12-hour runners



Located at the West side of the vineyard right along the course to set up camp on the fence side of the course. Space for RVs, trailers, cars on the vineyard road on the course.

Recommended: Tents, canopies, Tent w/car , Van, RVs, trailers,  12, 24-hour, and 100-mile runners.

Camping Zone 4


Located at the West North and North end of the vineyard right along the course to set up camp. Space for RVs on the vineyard road just off the course. Zone 6 is okay for 6 & 12-hour runners and parking in the parking zone.

Recommended: Tents, canopies, RVs, trailers,  24-hour, and 100-mile runners.

Camping Zone 5 & 6


This is a large zone right off course to an open field located to the North East of the vineyards. This will become a small camping village area that is ideal for tent, tent w/car camping, truck or van. No RVs or trailers.  Any vehicles must stay until Sunday midnight or Monday morning.

Recommended: Tents, canopies, tent w/car, van, 24-hour, and 100-mile runners.

North East Zone


The large camping area available right next to a small olive orchard and an ancient oak tree with room for lots of camp spaces and a few RVs. This location also has a gate that exits to Geneseo Rd.

Recommended: Tents, canopies, RVs, trailers, 12, 24-hour, and 100-mile runners.

Camping Zone 8


Last you can also camp at your car, setting up a tent or canopy next to your car in the parking zones. This is ideal if you have an RV or camper. When setting up a tent, do it between your car and the vineyard or other cars, do not block the road.

Note: The parking zone is off the course, so going to your car/camp between laps will increase your total distance. This distance is not tracked as part of the race.

Recommended: Tents, canopies, RVs, trailers,  6, 12, 24-hour, & 100-mile runners.

Parking Zone


  • Portable toilets will be available near the race festival.
  • Swimming pond available. See rules below.
  • Around the back of the tasting room, there is an outdoor shower (sorry, cold water only) available that can be used to wash off.  Bring your towel and a change of clothes.
  • A trash dumpster will be available near the race festival.


  • No cars driving on the course route from Saturday 5:00 PM to Sunday after midnight or last runner has finished.
  • Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 require driving and setting up right along the course, so tents set up in these zones need be for the duration of the entire event until Sunday night or Monday morning. Okay to drive to unload before the event and load after the event has completed. If leaving these areas before the race is over Sunday night then you will need to park your car in the parking zone before the race starts, then carry your items back to your parked car when leaving. A wagon is very helpful.
  • Full-size RVs or fifth-wheel trailer RVs if staying until Sunday night or Monday morning then can park at designated zones for RVs, if leaving before the race finishes then you will need to set up in Zone 6 (on main parking road) or 8 or in the parking zone. We recommend turning around before parking so it's easy to exit.
  • No campfires, open fire, or pit fires. The areas surrounding the vineyard is a high-risk fire hazard.
  • Propane cooking stoves are okay. All fire must be supervised
  • Make sure any canopies or RV awnings do not get in the way of the course or impact runners.
  • Okay to set up a tent between the vine rows. Do not damage vines.
  • Do not leave any trash behind, respect the lands, clean up after yourself and take trash with you.


In the center of the vineyard is a large water reservoir pond that will be filled up to the top and is available for cooling down and swimming. Please mind the following rules:

  • NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Swim at your own risk!
  • NO DIVING. It's shallow off the dock but gets down to 8-feet in the center.
  • Children must be supervised by a parent or adult.
  • Use dock and ladder to enter and exit.
  • Do not exit between bushes or openings, the bottom and edges are thick mud. Use the ladder at the dock to exit.
  • Floaties & rafts are okay.
  • No glass or bottles in the pond.
  • No littering. Take your trash with you.
CASS Vineyard Pond


Situated in the middle of the Cass vineyards is the GENESEO INN, providing the perfect B&B retreat that gives you room to breathe and enjoy the race for the ultimate race experience.

8-rooms available and they do sell out in advance, reserve a room directly through CASS and mention that it's for the Silver Moon Race to receive a discount.

Geneseo Inn


RACE WEEKEND: MAY 14-15, 2022



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