Partners and sponsors enjoy the great benefit of receiving an increased exposure of their business, products, and brand by reaching a very targeted affluent audience of consumers. The Silver Moon Race attracts a variety of participants from casual to athletic runners coming from within the local region of Central California as well as a large audience from Northern and Southern California, additional participants will come from out of state and even abroad for the endurance challenge.

By becoming a sponsor your business, products, and brand will have a strong presence at the event providing a direct connection with participants. We welcome sponsors as our partners and look forward to developing a long-term relationship that benefits the sponsor and our participants for an awesome experience.

For complete details on the Silver Moon Race sponsor options please download and view the Sponsorship Program.


Ready to become a partner or sponsor? Simply complete the enrollment application below. Together we can help grow your business and create an amazing race experience for everyone, thank you for your support!


If you have questions or are experiencing technical problems please contact us.

Thank you for supporting the Silver Moon Race. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you that is mutually beneficial for both parties, for the participants, and the community.

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