The race is located at CASS Winery on their vineyard property in the Paso Robles countryside. All participants will park by the race location on the vineyard farm road.

2022 UPDATE: The entrance for participants is through the back vineyard entrance off Rockin One Way that about 0.3-miles past the normal wine room entrance off Linne Rd and then up about 0.3-miles up Rockin One Way until you reach the gate entrance on the right.

Once in the vineyard, drive only clockwise around the vineyard. Follow signs leading to the event location and parking locations.


  • Wine Walk, 10K, and non-camping runners drive to the main avenue turn right and drive down to the end before the gate, and park before the last parked car.
  • Runners who are camping, choose a preferred camping zone before arriving, then know where your zone is so you can go there and set up camp. Camping spots are first come first serve.
  • NO driving on the course during the race from 6:00 PM Saturday until Sunday Midnight.


There are multiple routes to get to CASS Winery depending on where you are coming from, below are the two most direct and common ways. We recommend using a map app to help guide you to the Cass Winery address.

  • From 101 freeway:
    • Take the 46 East 7.2 miles to Geneseo Road, and turn right.
  • From 5 freeway:
    • Take the 46 West 56.2 miles to Geneseo Road, and turn left.
  • Follow Geneseo Road for 4.2 miles to the stop sign at Linne Road.
  • Turn right, in 100 yards is the wine tasing room entrance, and in 0.4 miles is Rockin One Way at the end of the vineyard.
  • Turn right, and follow the road to the first gate on right.
  • Carefully drive into the vineyard roads following signs to the event and parking.
Rockin One Way



Once you arrive at CASS Winery follow the farm road and event signs to the north vineyard gate entrance off Rockin One Way for designated parking zones shown on the map. No event parking at the tasting room.


Parking space is limited, if possible carpool with your fellow runners to the race. Also depending on where you are coming from it can be a long drive, so we recommend to buddy up and carpool to the race!


Do not block any driveways, cars, or park outside of designated parking area. Lock your car and do not leave valuables visible. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Primary event parking will be through the vineyard gate entrance on the main center road in the vineyard. Parking on both sides, head in a 45-degree angle.


For runners staying the whole weekend, you have the option of parking at your camp zone. Just be aware that no cars are allowed to drive on the course from 5:00 PM Saturday until after midnight on Sunday.  If you plan on leaving early then park in the parking zone.


There will be designated camping zones right on the course and race festival area for easy access throughout the race. In addition, CASS Winery also has their brand new B&B with the Geneseo Inn. View the Camping page for full details on each zone and rules.



For those who are not camping along the course for easy access to their items, there will be a designated drop bag area that you can place a bag to have easy access as needed during lap checkpoints, breaks, and after the race.

We recommend preparing a race bag that contains everything you need for the race and immediately after the race. Suggestions include:

  • Extra trail running shoes
  • Extra pairs of socks
  • Layers of clothes for cooler weather
  • Running headlamp
  • Favorite race foods and beverages
  • Personal medicine
  • Camera (optional)

If running the 24-hour or 100-mile race:

  • Running hat, visor, sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and lip balm

*Write or tape your bib number in large clear view on your drop bag.

Gear Drop


Welcome 2022 sponsors and partners to the Silver Moon Race at Paso Robles. Their support helps to bring runners an incredible race experience. Got a business? We are currently accepting applications for sponsors, learn more.


RACE WEEKEND: MAY 14-15, 2022